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Jason Jones ICF-MN fills my bucket!! I look forward to the in person meetings to connect with my tribe of coaches and enjoy the way of being only coaches embody. It energizes me.
Bev Lutz ICF membership provides incredible professional networking opportunities, professional and personal growth, and opportunities to explore my strengths as I volunteer in service of my profession.  My chapter really helps me stay current with coaching, thought leadership, and learn-n-earn (CEU’s) from professional development events.  But it’s the supportive coach-friends and collaborators who have made membership for me priceless. //

Irene Kelly

Being a member of ICF offers me the opportunity for certification by the industry professional standard bearer; being a member of ICF Minnesota connects me to my professional peers for networking and collaboration.  Membership in both establishes me as “credible” and provides me opportunities to learn and grow.


Mary Kay Delvo  

Being a member of ICF-Minnesota helps me continue to bring my 'best self' to my clients.

Trish Perry ICF-MN gives me a place to authentically connect and share with other coaches. I have created long lasting friendships, collaborations and mentorships that have profoundly enriched my life and my business. //
Ann Marie Forshay ICF MN has provided me with crucial connections to other entrepreneurs and colleagues who share similar goals and challenges in their businesses. It's a welcoming place full of great ideas that have moved me forward both professionally and personally. //
Sara Krisher ICF Minnesota is the place to be if you're a coach or you're interested in the coaching profession. We come together to connect, grow and give because we are stronger together than we are apart. //
Lance Hazzard I chose to get involved with the ICF Minnesota Chapter to be part of a community of coaches who help our clients grow and achieve their goals. This organization brings great content to our coaching community and enables opportunities to learn and collaborate in multiple ways. //

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    ICF Minnesota Catalyst

June 2017
Volume 18   Issue 18  Summer 2017    
In This Issue...

1. President's Letter
2. June 8th Webinar - Getting The Wizards to Work: The Power of Dreaming, The Power of Action
3. June 27th In-Person Meeting - Mining for Gold: How to Tap Clients' Stories for Powerful Coaching
4. Booming Business Blueprint - Profit Strategies to Meet your Financial Goals
5. Global News
6. Regional News
7. Chapter News
8. Member Announcements

President's Letter - June 2017

Sara Krisher, ACC
ICF Minnesota President

It seems like just yesterday I was accepting the Presidency role for this chapter and now the year is half over! We are a volunteer organization which means the entire Board of Directors has all dedicated themselves to the success of this organization. I’m happy to say we have not only aligned on what success means, but we are making progress! I thought I would share some of the wonderful things we are up to.

• We have explored and developed what it means for being the “Hub of the MN Coaching Community” and are taking it to a new level.

• We created a strategic plan for 2017 and aligned our agenda with the plan including a piece for accountability.

• We developed and sent out a member survey to determine what our members want in regard to programming and venue.

• The President and President-Elect went to Warsaw, Poland in March to learn and share with the leaders of the ICF Community. We also spoke on the main stage to the entire group about what brings people together. (Connection, Structure, and Personal Mastery) While there, our chapter also won an award and got recognized for its hard work in 2016.

• We organized and planned an entire year’s worth of events. (11 in-person chapter meetings and 10 webinars)

• We’ve explored the possibility of a Minnesota Coaching Conference.

• We took a stand for the coaching profession in Minnesota when the Board of Psychology submitted a bill to define psychology.

In process is a sponsorship program, a website study, and a membership recruitment plan. We are excited about growing our chapter and welcome you to contribute in whatever way is most useful to you, your colleagues and the larger Minnesota Coaching Community. If you have interest in joining the ICF Minnesota Chapter Board of Directors please connect with me at

With Confidence,

Sara Krisher, ACC
ICF Minnesota President


It’s that time again! We are looking for passionate qualified leaders to join the ICF Minnesota Charter Chapter Board. Nominate yourself by July 1st.

The Board Positions available are:
3 year term
President Elect

2 year term
Professional Development Co-chair
Communications Co-Chair
Membership Co-Chair
Web-Support Co-Chair

Position descriptions are available for each position. If you are interested in contributing to your coaching community by serving on the board send an email to Shari Fruechte, ACC at or call her at 320-232-0137 by July 1st.

Upcoming Events

June 8th Webinar - Getting The Wizards to Work: The Power of Dreaming, The Power of Action

June 8, 2017 12 - 1 p.m.

Ursula Pottinga, CPCC, BCC, PCC

Ever wondered why some people seem to lose relationship connection when they are focused on getting things done? Or why some creative dreamers can’t seem to move anything forward? Ever wonder why you get some of your best ideas and “aha” moments in the shower or daydreaming on a walk? Well, guess what? Like many human mysteries, there is a brain explanation. In this webinar we will dive into the fascinating world of the two neural networks in the brain, their role in dreaming and doing and what to do when clients are stuck in either. Participants will learn the neuroscience of how the networks influence our focus on task as well as our natural ability to daydream. We will share one tool that will help coaches move clients be both inspired as well as ready to move into action.

Ann Betz, CPCC, PCC and Ursula Pottinga, CPCC, PCC co-founded BEabove Leadership in 2003. Since then, they have trained and coached individuals and groups all over the world on the connection between neuroscience and consciousness to drive interpersonal and organizational transformation. They developed and co-lead the popular training program for advanced coaches: Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching, as well as a program for HR professionals, managers and teachers of all kinds. Ursula draws on her 25 years of experience in international business and professional development to improve performance, engagement and change. She is a masterful coach, speaker and experienced facilitator. Born and raised in Germany, she coaches in both German and English.

June 27th In Person Meeting - Mining for Gold: How to Tap Clients' Stories for Powerful Coaching

Tuesday, June 27th,  6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Lynn Baskfield, M.A., PCC

Tap into the ancient art of storytelling (and story listening) to help clients examine their lives through the lens of their own stories. Guide them to evoke and articulate old stories that have been dominating their lives and keeping them stuck. Learn ways to help clients create new and more empowering stories that will help them move forward with their goals and dreams.

Lynn Baskfield guides her clients through rites of passage with storytelling, writing, creative expression, ritual, retreats, nature and horses. She works with story to help people deepen their understanding of what fulfills them and to enable them to take meaningful action in their lives. She is a guide who accompanies people as they mine the ore of their own stories. She is a listener who listens for the gold. She is a seeker who is taught and touched by the humanity revealed in the stories people tell. Lynn did her Masters Colloquium on Storytelling as a Coaching Tool. One of her stories, “The Giving Blanket,” received a Soul Making Literary Prize from the National League of American Pen Women and is featured in her book, Some People You Will Always Love, Finding the Stories that Satisfy Your Soul.

Booming Business Blueprint: Profit Strategies to Meet your Financial Goals

by Lynn Nodland, Ph.D., MCC and Robin Nordmeyer, CLC

Greetings, Lynn and Robin here with Booming Business Blueprint and Masterful Coaches Community. We help you to reach your goals for a booming business and a balanced life. In our last article we talked about having a financial advisor and the need to have someone you are comfortable with. This person can advise you and see the big picture in your business finances. In this article, we look at how the day to day business operations have a direct impact on your financial picture by paying attention to where and how you make your income. Managing expenses will be covered in another article.


So let’s look at strategies to increase income which can help you to make solid decisions about your next steps. Here’s a case study of Ambitious Ann as an example.

Meet Ambitious Ann
Ambitious Ann has an income goal of six figures for her first year. Ann charged $75 per session and felt pretty busy coaching 6 clients individually each week. This brought in about $450/week and $1,800/month. If Ann coaches all 12 months her income would be $21,600. This is far from her six figure goal! Anne felt defeated but realized she had not really developed a plan to help her reach her ambitious goal. What might help?

Some strategies that could help Ambitious Ann make her six figures.
1. Begin with the end goal and design coaching programs, products and prices to help reach the desired goals. Take time to reflect what needs to happen weekly, monthly, and quarterly to be on track with your annual goal.

2. Increase prices. For example, if Ann raised her prices to $125/session, she would make $750 week with 6 clients, which is $3000 per month and $36,000 per year. This is a little bit better.

3. Add additional offers. Ambitious Ann realized she would make more money if she could serve more people at the same time. She added a group program and charged 12 participants $200 each per month. She runs her group year round. With the group, she makes $2,400 per month which results in $28,800 per year. Add that to the revenue she gets from coaching the six individual clients, she makes $64,800. This is getting closer, but still not enough.

4. Add products. Products can help Ambitious Ann with passive revenue streams. She reformatted the same content used in her group program into an mp3 product. She sold the product for $100 and was able to sell 25 each month making $2,500 per month which adds up to $30,000 for the year. Now Ambitious Ann is so close but still not quite there. [$36, 000 + $28,800 + $30,000 = $94,800 per year].

5. Add workshops or events. Ambitious Ann could design a live event using the same approaches and content from other offerings. She created a half-day intensive workshop she sold for $300 and 18 people attended. Ann earned $5,400 which added to her $94,800 makes $100,200. Anne reached her six figure goal! To take time off, Ann might want to have more events or workshops or enroll more people in her groups.

Income Reality Check:
This case study demonstrates strategies that Ambitious Ann could use to reach her more desirable income goal. Think about how this might apply to your own income goal and plans for growing your business. Reflect on the questions below and write out your next steps.
• How does the income goal of your business compare to what you want it to be?
• Where do you see an opportunity to create more cash flow and financial growth?
• Which ideas resonate with you the most as something to pursue further?
• What next steps will help you achieve your income goals in your business?
• Where and when will you start?
• What could support your success along the way?

In summary, we’ve suggested some ways to reach your financial goals in business. You don’t need to do it alone. We are dedicated to helping you as well. We invite you to join our Facebook group at Masterful Coaches Community to be part of a supportive, collaborative community sharing ideas for running a thriving, rewarding coaching practice. If you know coaches who would be interested in this article or our community, please pass the entire article along to them.

Here’s to your success!

Lynn Nodland, Ph.D., MCC and Robin Nordmeyer, CLC

© 2017 Masterful Coaches Community & Booming Business Blueprint

Global News

If you were unable to attend the sold-out ICF Advance 2016: Science of Coaching, you can still benefit from this incredible educational opportunity. OnDemand video sessions are now available. The topic areas covered in this year's incredible event were:

• Coaching Presence
• Creating Awareness
• Team Coaching

New Member Onboarding Calls

ICF Global is scheduling New Member Onboarding Calls every two weeks, and inviting new members to attend these meetings to leverage their ICF membership benefits. Attendees will learn how to update their information on the ICF website, connect with their local ICF Chapter, and apply for an ICF Credential.

5 Ways to Use ICF Industry Research to Boost Your Coaching Business:

The Coaching Trap:

Brave New Coaching World: Are Your Clients Ready for Artificial Intelligence?

Oh, the Questions We Ask:

Twitter Ambassador Program

Join our Twitter Ambassador Program to receive a weekly email with shareable messages about coaching and the ICF to post on your Chapter's Twitter page and other social media channels. To join, send a message to ICF Social Media Specialist Lisa Cunningham.

Regional News

Mark your calendars for the ICF Midwest Conference in Pittsburg, PA in June 2018!

Chapter Member Announcements

Membership Renewal UPDATE:

Please note that we are removing the grace period for those who are renewing with the chapter. Starting January payments are due before the subscription expiration date or the membership status will lapse. Reminder emails go out to 1 month, 14 days, 7 days and 2 days before expiration.


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