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Jason Jones ICF-MN fills my bucket!! I look forward to the in person meetings to connect with my tribe of coaches and enjoy the way of being only coaches embody. It energizes me.
Bev Lutz ICF membership provides incredible professional networking opportunities, professional and personal growth, and opportunities to explore my strengths as I volunteer in service of my profession.  My chapter really helps me stay current with coaching, thought leadership, and learn-n-earn (CEU’s) from professional development events.  But it’s the supportive coach-friends and collaborators who have made membership for me priceless. //

Irene Kelly

Being a member of ICF offers me the opportunity for certification by the industry professional standard bearer; being a member of ICF Minnesota connects me to my professional peers for networking and collaboration.  Membership in both establishes me as “credible” and provides me opportunities to learn and grow.


Mary Kay Delvo  

Being a member of ICF-Minnesota helps me continue to bring my 'best self' to my clients.

Trish Perry ICF-MN gives me a place to authentically connect and share with other coaches. I have created long lasting friendships, collaborations and mentorships that have profoundly enriched my life and my business. //
Ann Marie Forshay ICF MN has provided me with crucial connections to other entrepreneurs and colleagues who share similar goals and challenges in their businesses. It's a welcoming place full of great ideas that have moved me forward both professionally and personally. //
Sara Krisher ICF Minnesota is the place to be if you're a coach or you're interested in the coaching profession. We come together to connect, grow and give because we are stronger together than we are apart. //
Lance Hazzard I chose to get involved with the ICF Minnesota Chapter to be part of a community of coaches who help our clients grow and achieve their goals. This organization brings great content to our coaching community and enables opportunities to learn and collaborate in multiple ways. //

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   April 2019
    Volume 40   Issue 40  Spring 2019    

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In This Issue...

1. President's Letter
2. April 30th - Coaching Connection
3. May 28th Speaker Event - It's one thing to have Emotional Intelligence, but how do you Coach with it?
4. Chapter Updates
5. Chapter News
6. Regional News
7. Global News
8. Member Announcements

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Be the premier organization for advancing the coaching profession.


To cultivate a community of coaches that advances the coaching profession through professional development, networking and adherence to ICF professional and ethical standards

President's Letter

This month this letter comes to you from both Deb Johnson, president elect, and I. Last week we had the incredible opportunity to attend the ICF Global Leadership Forum (GLF) in Dublin, Ireland. We will be sharing it all in a later email and the one piece we do want to share now is the Keynote speaker presentation delivered by Luvvie Ajayi a Nigerian author, speaker and digital strategist.

Luvvie’s keynote; “Creating an Authentic Brand Stories”, communicated the importance of organizations finding their voice and ensuring consistency with their actions and mission. She provided insights that highlight the importance of fostering an environment that encourages and supports different perspectives to realize the most impactful outcome. The topics covered are applicable to various aspects of leadership and team management.

She shared several key points to help demystify the branding experience and to get to the core of what a brand is and the impact it has in the world. We hope this will help you in your branding journey!

Key Points from Luvvie Ajayi regarding brand:

• What you do is IMPORTANT!
• Create Honest/True Brand identity,Your brand is not just a logo and website, Your brand comes with expectations and emotion, Your Brand is what other people think of you/Needs to be combined with what you think of yourself to make it real and powerful

Your Voice:

• Needs to be authentic, Needs to be real to you, Keep it real

Share (Social media):

•Facts about the work you do is not bragging but rather letting the world know what you do, You have a voice that needs to be heard and can inspire others to act

The Big 4:

• Facebook: 2 Billion Accounts
 Is your Town Hall.If you are going to be 1 place, this is the place to be.

• Instagram: 1 Billion Accounts
 Is your Museum (looking at pictures, show the work)

• Twitter: 360 Million Accounts
 Is your Conference Room (keep it short)

• LinkedIn: 610 Million Accounts
 Is your Study Hall (Resume version of who you are).If you pick a second place, be here!

Key Elements:

• Be human, Be thoughtful, Be interesting, Be useful, Be open Share what makes you laugh Share the small things, Share the tough moments, Share your big moments, Tell the full story
Here is a picture of Trish, Luvvie and Deb at a book signing.

Here is a picture of Trish, Luvvie and Deb at a book signing.


Trish Perry                                                                   Deb Johnson

ICF Minnesota President                                                ICF Minnesota President-Elect

Something New - Gaston Award Nomination Opportunity!

We are adding something new to make it easy for our members to nominate a fellow coach for the annual Gaston Award. Starting in February at every Speaker Series and Coaching Connection event we will have a special card that can be filled out with your nomination. The card will include the criteria. on the front and the nomination information on the back. There will be a special box for you to place your nomination card in. Our intention is to ensure that everyone has significant time and chance to nominate someone that exemplifies the true nature of the coaching profession. The following is the criteria used to select the Gaston Award winner:

Criteria for Gaston Award Recipient

1. Holds a coaching credential that meets one of the following:

• ICF-issued credential
• Certification from an ICF-accredited coaching school
• Certification from a professional coaching program within an ICF-accredited educational institution

2. Demonstrates clear and strong leadership for the advancement of the coaching profession.

3. Demonstrates integrity through professionalism and selfless service.

4. Has been an active member of ICF Minnesota for three or more years and continues to contribute uniquely to ICF Minnesota’s growth.

International Coach’s week is April 29 to May 5. 
Let’s prepare to celebrate the power of coaching




Your Brain at Work by David Rock is a recommended book by Ann Houser, Secretary of ICF Board

Trish is recommending The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

I was riveted when I first read The Alchemist as an assignment for my coaching certification at Learning Journey’s International Center of Coaching in 2015. I literally read the book in 2 days, barely looking up, and leaving my husband to take care of all household duties!

I just revisited the book and again, was glued to every page. The 4 highlights ring as true today as they did when I first read the book. No, they ring MORE true today after almost 500 hours of coaching clients.

1. Everyone has a “Personal Legend”. We all have a purpose in life and finding and following that purpose is extremely important.

2. Our “Personal Legends” are a journey, not something you can find around the corner.

3. There are omens in your life that will give you direction if you listen and look for them. There are so many things that happen in life that are signs that we can ignore or recognize. These signs are often pointing you in a direction that you might not want to take or hadn’t thought about.

4. Live your life in the present.The past has already happened and you can’t change it. The future has yet to happen and you can’t predict it. Living your life in the past or in the future will make you miserable.

5 Things You Won't Learn About ICF MN Board Member, Mary Kay Delvo, From Her Website or LinkedIn

1. My parents taught me to always include others and make them feel welcome. If someone was alone on the holidays, my dad invited them over to have dinner with us.

How often do you invite others to your family meals and make them feel as though they belong there?

2. My mother always says, "The only way you can get what you need is to ask. All someone can do is say no."

How often do you ask for what you need?

3. I was so embarrassed of my strong (thunder) thighs in high school I hated wearing shorts. I was also an undefeated leg wrestler in college and am a strong swimmer and biker today.

Can you recognize the gift in something you have felt embarrassed about?

4. I used to sing daily in two college choirs and toured the country singing in spaces with beautiful acoustics and the comradery of my peers.

Why do I rarely sing anymore? It fed my soul.

5. There is no place on earth more rejuvenating and spiritual to me than standing knee deep in a secluded rushing rock bottom stream with a fishing rod in my hand.

Why don't I do that more often? It feeds my soul.



Mary Kay Delvo

Organizational Coach | Speaker

Gaston Corner

Seeds and More Seeds

What business seeds have you knowingly or unknowingly planted? Some planted seeds will never sprout, some will sprout and never grow, and some will sprout, grow, and flourish. My guess is there are some seeds you will never know you have planted. One time I discovered I planted a seed when I was being selected for jury duty and months later that seed grew into a client. That client also sent their daughter to me for coaching later in life.

I am sure many of the experienced coaches will tell you similar stories; clients can come from some of the strangest places. Where do you know you plant seeds? What are your expectations of the seeds you knowingly plant? Some seeds sprout in a single conversation, some take months or even years after a conversation.

With my specialty of ADHD, I can plant seeds by being listed in special directories and the organizations directories that I belong to and I can also place ads in their publications. If you have a specialty and belong to a non-coaching organization, you might have the same opportunity. Have you filled out your profile on the Minnesota ICF website? How about your listing on the ICF Global website, Linked-In, or a business Facebook page?

Having a very specific tagline that helps people know exactly who to send to you. A newsletter and website that are linked to specific words that people will search for on the internet, will also plant seeds and sprout clients.

I encourage you to think about where you can plant seeds that you might not have thought of previously and talk to some of the more experienced coaches to gain even more ideas to help your business grow. Gaston’s award recipients like to help people, so don’t be afraid of contacting us to talk.

Deb Bollom

I work with entrepreneurs and ADHD adults who are overwhelmed and stuck in the details, find unique ways to move self and business forward.

Coaching Connection

What a great way to celebrate International Coaching Week. Treat yourself to a night out with other coaches from all areas of coaching.

Expand your coaching resource and referral networks as you engage with coaches interested in meaningful conversation and cultivating a local coaching community.

Join us at our next event

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

6:30 to 8:30 pm

Location: TBD

ICF Minnesota Speaker Series


DATE: Tuesday, May 28, 2019

TIME: 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Networking 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Speaker Program

CEU’s: 2 Core Competencies

LOCATION: Metropolitan Ballroom 5418 Wayzata Blvd, Golden Valley, MN 55416

Register For This Event

PROGRAM: Whether a client or a coach, understanding and developing Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a critical component of personal well-being and success. But how can coaches use the knowledge of Emotional Intelligence to enhance their coaching effectiveness? Attendees will increase their awareness of EI and learn how to apply EI to their coaching sessions through storytelling and interactive exercises. We are confident that you will discover both personal and professional value in this session.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a set of social and emotional skills that allow us to effectively perceive and express ourselves, build and nurture relationships with others, cope with stress and challenges, and use emotional information to make meaningful and appropriate decisions. In their 2016 Future of Jobs Report, the World Economic Forum, reported Emotional Intelligence as one of the Top 10 Skills of 2020. As the coaching profession continues to grow in relevance and professionalism, every coach should incorporate some understanding of Emotional Intelligence into their competencies.

ICF Core Competencies Addressed:

• Co-creating the Relationship
• Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client
• Coaching Presence
• Facilitating Learning and Results
• Creating Awareness
• Designing Actions


• Gain insight into Emotional Intelligence (EI) and its relevance to coaching
• Advance your coaching skills by learning how to apply EI to coaching
• Understand how EI can contribute to your own self-care as a coach

SPEAKERS Lisa Griebel, Principal of Crescendo Inc. Robin Stubblefield, Vitalize Consulting LLC, ICF certified coach


Lisa Griebel, President of Crescendo Inc. Lisa Griebel is President of Crescendo Inc., a Minneapolis based performance-consulting firm committed to the growth and development of healthy organizations. Helping individuals and organizations realize their Emotional Intelligence (EI) and leadership potential through coaching and training is a primary focus of Lisa's practice.

As an MHS (Multi Health Systems) certified EQ-i2.0/EQ 360 Master Trainer, Lisa has administered more than 2500 EQ-i® assessments world-wide. She has certified more than 400 coaches to analyze, interpret and debrief the EQ-I (the first validated assessment to measure emotional and social intelligence).

Additionally, she has served as an adjunct organizational leadership instructor at St. Mary's University and is certified to facilitate the Dependable Strengths Process and Peer Coaching. Lisa has a Master of Education degree in training and organization development from the University of Minnesota, has earned her 2nd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and serves as Vice President of the Rein in Sarcoma Board of Directors.

Robin Stubblefield Owner/Principal Coach & Consultant of Vitalize Consulting LLC

Robin is an International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coach with 13+ years combined career and leadership development and coaching experience. She has worked with leaders, high potential talent and new and working parent professionals in manufacturing, healthcare, government, professional and financial services, and higher education. Robin is passionate about assisting her clients to assess and leverage their talents, make purposeful connections to desired outcomes, and create development plans that propel them in their career and leadership development.

Coaching from an appreciative, strengths-based mindset, Robin uses methodologies grounded in positive psychology, neuroscience, strengths development, and emotional intelligence. Robin holds a M.A. in Educational Psychology and a B.A. in Psychology and is certified in multiple assessments including the EQ-I 2.0 (Emotional Quotient Inventory), EQ360 and Hogan Assessments. She is also a certified SENG (Social Emotional Needs of the Gifted) Model Parent Group Facilitator and holds a Facilitator Certificate in Strengths-Based Education. Robin is a seasoned facilitator/presenter at conferences and Professional Association meetings.

Chapter News







Please consider membership with ICF Minnesota!

We are stronger together than we are apart!
~Walter Payton

Benefits of Becoming a Member of ICF Minnesota

Here are some of our Membership Benefits: Monthly events that include quality speakers, webinars for learning relevant content, and the coaching connection, which is a social networking event.

• Find a coach feature that allows potential clients to search for you
• CCEU's for credentialing requirements
• Recognition for individuals, businesses and organizations who have created excellence around coaching
• Coaching School partnerships
• Opportunities to work with non-profits in a pro-bono or reduced rate fee to give back and create greater capability and community value

Go to the ICF Website for more details and to sign-up for membership now!

We have a Board Position open and would welcome new members. This volunteer opportunity could be perfect for you! Join us and help us to grow ICF MN in being the premier organization for advancing the coaching profession! For a full job description, please contact Trish Perry at

Event Coordinator: 2 year position 2019-2020

Do you have a special gift for event planning and coordination and want to get more involved with ICF Minnesota? This position includes communicating and coordinating with board members in all areas of planning and execution of chapter events.

If you are interested, please reach out to for more information.

Board Members

Please welcome our new board member-Shawn Moore: Professional Development Co-Chair.

Shawn Moore is an adjunct Professor at Bethel University, an Ordained Minister, and former Police Officer. Besides teaching Anthropology and Reconciliation Shawn is an Implicit Bias instructor and Verbal De-escalation instructor for the state of Minnesota, training Police Officers. Shawn is a Doctoral candidate and a student of Learning Journeys International school of coaching and is researching Coaching as a means to build reconciliation. Shawn has 20 years of experience teaching/facilitating workshops around Race, Implicit Bias, and Cultural Anthropology. As a public speaker Shawn has spoken on topics of inclusion, equity, conflict resolution, and anti-racism endeavors. Shawn is currently creating a method for personal development and unity building by combining Cultural Anthropology principals, the A.A. 12 steps, and coaching methods and tools.

Your 2019 board:

Trish Perry: President, Deb Johnson: President Elect, Shari Fruechte: Past President, Cheryl Hegland: Treasurer, Ann Houser: Secretary, Lance Hazzard: Outreach Chair, Judy Zimmer: Outreach Co-Chair, Mary Kay Delvo: Professional Development Chair, Sara Krisher: Professional Development Co-Chair, Polly Edwards: Membership Chair, Jodi Dehli: Membership Co-Chair, Danielle Allen: Web Support Chair, Ellen Carlson: Web Support Co-Chair, Michon Willman: Communications Chair, Theresa Nutt: Communications Co-Chair, Jennifer Byrnes: Sponsorship Co-Chair

Global News
Did you know?

The ICF Strategic Plan? ICF Strategic Plan

The ICF MN Vision and Mission?ICF MN Vision and Mission 

Here are a few of the exciting articles now trending in Coaching World:



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