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Jason Jones ICF-MN fills my bucket!! I look forward to the in person meetings to connect with my tribe of coaches and enjoy the way of being only coaches embody. It energizes me.
Bev Lutz ICF membership provides incredible professional networking opportunities, professional and personal growth, and opportunities to explore my strengths as I volunteer in service of my profession.  My chapter really helps me stay current with coaching, thought leadership, and learn-n-earn (CEU’s) from professional development events.  But it’s the supportive coach-friends and collaborators who have made membership for me priceless. //

Irene Kelly

Being a member of ICF offers me the opportunity for certification by the industry professional standard bearer; being a member of ICF Minnesota connects me to my professional peers for networking and collaboration.  Membership in both establishes me as “credible” and provides me opportunities to learn and grow.


Mary Kay Delvo  

Being a member of ICF-Minnesota helps me continue to bring my 'best self' to my clients.

Trish Perry ICF-MN gives me a place to authentically connect and share with other coaches. I have created long lasting friendships, collaborations and mentorships that have profoundly enriched my life and my business. //
Ann Marie Forshay ICF MN has provided me with crucial connections to other entrepreneurs and colleagues who share similar goals and challenges in their businesses. It's a welcoming place full of great ideas that have moved me forward both professionally and personally. //
Sara Krisher ICF Minnesota is the place to be if you're a coach or you're interested in the coaching profession. We come together to connect, grow and give because we are stronger together than we are apart. //
Lance Hazzard I chose to get involved with the ICF Minnesota Chapter to be part of a community of coaches who help our clients grow and achieve their goals. This organization brings great content to our coaching community and enables opportunities to learn and collaborate in multiple ways. //

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ICF Minnesota Catalyst

   July 2019
    Volume 43   Issue 43  Summer 2019    

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In This Issue...

1. President's Letter
2. Events
    July 23rd Coaching Connection - Annual Picnic
August 27 Speaker Event - What If Everything You Need to Know About Sales You Learned in Coaching School?

3. Chapter News
4. Global News

Thank you to our Silver Partners

Thank you to our Bronze Partners


Be the premier organization for advancing the coaching profession.


To cultivate a multi-cultural community of coaches that advances the coaching profession through professional development, networking and adherence to ICF professional and ethical standards

President's Letter

We are now half way through 2019! How is ICF MN doing on meeting our goals for the year?

ICF MN has 4 strategic goals with metrics for each that were set by the Board for 2019 which are as follows:

1. Cultivating a coaching community
2. Promotion of ICF Ethical and Professional Standards
3. Outreach and Advocacy
4. Operational Health

I am happy to report that we have met or are on our way to meeting all of the metrics. We still have more work to do in the next 6 months.

Growing our membership is an important piece of the puzzle. Growing our membership means we are meeting our goal of cultivating a strong coaching community. It also allows us to bring more quality programming to our coaching community. The Board is doing the following to help grow our chapter:

1. In 2019 we added a student membership so that student coaches can experience ICF MN while they are getting certified. We have 12 student coaches as of today. Membership is also busy finding ways to welcome our newest members.

2. One of our new focuses, as you’ve read in previous Catalysts, is to grow our diversity within ICF MN community. We have started the Mirror Team to focus on diversity in ICF MN. The Mirror team consists of Indian, African American, Hmong, Chinese and White members. Shawn Moore, an African American pastor, professor and coach has joined our board and at least one other diverse candidate has agreed to join in 2020. We have added four plus diverse coaches to our membership since March and we are just getting started.

3. The board has done an outstanding job with our events:

a. The ICF MN events that the Professional Development team has planned for 2019 continue to get rave reviews from our members.
b. The Outreach Team has created a partnership with St Thomas to coordinate Executive Coaching events bringing together companies like Best Buy, Medtronic, etc. to discuss pertinent topics to internal coaching.
c. The Communications team is ensuring that the word gets out to the coaching community and beyond with the Catalyst, Social Media and other avenues.The team is also working with partners that want to work with and sponsor ICF MN.
d. The Web Team is ensuring that our website is user friendly and easy to find what users need and want.
e. The Executive Team continues to support all efforts on the board.
4. What can you do?
a. As we grow, I have challenged every member of ICF MN to keep our organization intimate. That means  that we continue to introduce ourselves to guests at events and make connections, we continue to connect with other coaches in deep conversations and we continue our tradition of being a warm and welcoming ICF MN to all.
b. Evangelize ICF MN. I am amazed how many coaches I meet that have never heard of ICF MN. We are stronger together than we are apart! Please help us spread the word.

I look forward to a growing, productive and fun second half of the year. Again, I am humbled and excited to serve as your ICF MN President. Here is to a great 2019.


Trish Perry                                                                   

ICF Minnesota President

ICF MN continues with our commitment to diversity. The board has voted to add “multi-cultural” into our mission statement.

To cultivate a multi-cultural community of coaches that advances the coaching profession through professional development, networking and adherence to ICF professional and ethical standards.

Here is the Mirror Team

from left to right, front to back- Tirzah McPhearson- Lewis, Zihui Lu, Renay Dossman, Seetha M, Lillian Vu, Polly Edwards, Trish Perry, Shawn Moore. 6, soon to be 7 of the 9 are members. Missing is Jennie Antolak.

Partnership and Sponsorship Announcement

Check out our Become a Partner page to see our new structure and how you can partner with us to promote your brand and business.

Something New - Gaston Award Nomination Opportunity!

We are adding something new to make it easy for our members to nominate a fellow coach for the annual Gaston Award. Starting in February at every Speaker Series and Coaching Connection event we will have a special card that can be filled out with your nomination. The card will include the criteria. on the front and the nomination information on the back. There will be a special box for you to place your nomination card in. Our intention is to ensure that everyone has significant time and chance to nominate someone that exemplifies the true nature of the coaching profession. The following is the criteria used to select the Gaston Award winner:

Criteria for Gaston Award Recipient

1. Holds a coaching credential that meets one of the following:

• ICF-issued credential
• Certification from an ICF-accredited coaching school
• Certification from a professional coaching program within an ICF-accredited educational institution

2. Demonstrates clear and strong leadership for the advancement of the coaching profession.

3. Demonstrates integrity through professionalism and selfless service.

4. Has been an active member of ICF Minnesota for three or more years and continues to contribute uniquely to ICF Minnesota’s growth.


Save the Date: August 8, 11:30-1:00 CST. ICF MN has partnered with St Thomas University to bring you a webinar by Dr David Drake, the father of Narrative Coaching.

Details will be on the website in the next couple of weeks and we will also be sending an email with the details. This webinar will be free. If you know anyone who has been considering ICF MN, please send them the information so they can experience an example the excellent events offered by ICF MN for free.

Two special webinars with Jean-Francois Cousin of the ICF Global Board

Jean-Francois Cousin of the ICF Global Board will be in two webinars in the evening of July 1st! They both are worth CCEU's and the cost is $10 per webinar.

ICF Washington Special Webinars on July 1st!

We have organized two sessions to be broadcast ‘live’ for any ICF member or business leader to attend from anywhere in the world on July 1st, 2019 (all times Pacific Daylight Time).

Read More

Recap of a webinar by Patricia Fripp, a best-in-class speech coach. How to Make Your Presentation Really Great Kiplinger’s Personal Finance wrote- the 6th best investment in your career is to learn presentation skills from Patricia Fripp.

From Trish Perry

#1 Secret- Make sure your subject is of interest to your audience
a. Speak as an audience Advocate- balance “I” vs. “You”. They are more interested in themselves than you!
b. For example, instead of “I am sending you the information you requested” say “The information you requested is being sent to you” OR instead of “I will be talking to you about x,y,z” say “You will be learning x,y,z”
2. Understand the long term impact- speak to be remembered and repeated (invited back)
3. Speak to the Audience of your Audience. If you are talking to coaches, speak as if you are talking to the coachees to get the most impact.
4. Time is a set up phrase. Have bunch Works and Impactful words.
a. For example instead of “This is the focus for the next 2 days…” say “For the next 2 days we will be focusing on…”
b. Time goes in the front and then the most important words and phrases go at the end of the sentence and should be Punctuated!
5. Speak in shorter sentences, one idea at a time
a. When you speak in shorter sentences, pause so your audience can connect with you
b. People connect in short periods of silence
6. $10 words, $30 sentences and $100 phrases- Make your words count!
a. Script out opening, closing and soundbites. Soundbites are phrases repeated through your presentation- like the chorus of a song.
b. PUNCTUATE the important words in a sentence so your audience understands what is important. E.g. “The General said that LEADERSHIP is getting work DONE and making people WANT to do the work”
7 Use a LOT of vocal variety.
a. If you are going to punctuate a word, add a small pause
b. E.g. ”Life is a series of SALES SITUATIONS and the REAL sale takes place AFTER the sale”
8. Your audience will remember what they “see” when they listen
a. Tell them when, where, who and what happened- this makes it easier to “see” the story
9. Get into the seen late and then give them context
a. E.g. “Mary had a problem. Mary was a Sr. VP for X company in San Diego for the past 25 years and she was not an effective speaker. Her career was about to be over because of this…” And then continue on with the story
10. Transport the audience by using these phrases
a. Use phrases like, “Imagine…”, “Come back with me…”, “If I were to ask you…”, “I wish you could have been there…” or “It was the most exhilarating moment in my life…”
11. Add specificity and get rid of generalized and empty words
a. Generalized words are words like “people”- tell them who, “things” tell them what things, or “tons” tell them how much
b. Empty works are words like “Kinda”, Out there”, “many”, bunches” and “sort of”
12. Use words that communicate feelings
a, Instead of “He promised her many things” say “He promised her a life of romance and adventure”
13. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and do it in front of people if possible
a. All learning needs REPETITION + REINFORCEMENT

LinkedIn Webinar Draws a Crowd

By Mary Kay Delvo, INspiring SIGHT

There are over 600 million users on LinkedIn--5 million of which are coaches. So, in the spirit of powerful coaching questions, “As the owner of a coaching business, what are you leaving on the table if you do not have an active profile on LinkedIn?” LinkedIn is where our clients hang-out, where we build and strengthen professional connections, where we elevate our profession, share our thought leadership and where we tell our clients’ stories. You don’t have to be a full-time coach or own a full-time coaching business to warrant spending a little time on your profile and building your personal brand.

Judy Zimmer, owner of Coachology, and ICF Board member, is an executive coach, speaker and consultant. Her specific niche within coaching is helping clients to know, grow and maximize their brand. One component of branding is how you appear on social media. Since 2008, Judy has taught over 500 classes on LinkedIn and personally guided over 2000 individuals on building their profiles. Judy has worked with coaches around the country on how to build revenue using this powerful tool. It’s no wonder why 68 people registered to spend their lunch-hour on a webinar with her.

In response to attendee’s questions about what they should say or not say on their profile, Judy provided a commonsense answer, “If you wouldn’t do it or say it at a networking event in person, don’t do it on your LinkedIn profile.” That was just the tip of the iceberg of the wisdom Judy shared, if you want to know more, you can find her on LinkedIn.

Networking Picnic

Tuesday, July 23, 2019, 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM
Como Park Pavilion
160 Lexington Parkway N
St. Paul, MN

Register For This Event

ICF Minnesota Speaker Series


Jason Jones, The Coaching Hour

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Networking

6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Program

2 resource competency

Calhoun Beach Club
2925 Dean Parkway
Minneapolis, MN 55416

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What if someone told you that everything you need to sell your services you learned in coaching school? A perception exists that sales is about getting in others’ space and convincing them of what they need. When in fact, selling isn’t about that at all. Coaches are uniquely trained to listen, tune into desires, and ask powerful questions—all highly desirable skills in making a sale. So why is it so hard for coaches to sell themselves? For many, the story they have been telling themselves has already defined what the sales conversation is and does. When that happens, we don’t book ourselves with as many clients and we limit the number of people who have access to the transformational process that takes place through coaching. In this workshop, we will reframe a sales conversation and discover how we can become empowering and supportive in a way that results in more prospects saying yes. The result is that every prospect comes away at choice and seeing how coaching can help them get there.

ICF Core Competencies Addressed:

Communicating Effectively -- Active Listening, Powerful Questioning

Objectives To Understand

• the three traps that change the conversation, often preventing a sale
• how the coaching conversation is a powerful context for the sales conversation
• the distinction between what to give away and what to sell
• a conversation framework as a guide for selling coaching

Meet Jason Jones, The Coaching Hour

Jason Jones is a certified business coach and speaker who is committed to developing sales teams and professional solo entrepreneurs to sell more services at higher rates with less effort. He started his first business at age 16 which paid for 4 years of college and set him on a path of innovating ever since. His previous start-up ventures involved communications media and entertainment including a number one rated radio morning show and talk show on WCCO. His previous coaching and training company went global in two years and now serves the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. Jason is certified by The Royal Roads University and the International Coaching Federation. His coaching and training programs focus on the implementation of proven business tactics and support necessary to develop solo entrepreneurs and sales for a lifetime of success.

Get to Know Your Board

5 Things by Ellen Carlson

I absolutely love, love, love taking pictures. Pictures tell a story, evoke emotions and can transport one to a totally different world. Photography is a fantastic metaphor for coaching, seeing things through a different lens, determining where to focus, choosing the exposure, shining the light and planning the composure of a picture. My jam is macro photography and I relish having fun using my creativity when focusing on the small details. Nature is my muse and some of my favorite subjects to photograph are water, reflections and flowers. It gives me joy spending time outside and connecting to what is important in my life. Nature is my reset button, my inspiration and my place to breathe and put things into perspective.

Interview with Board Member Lance Hazzard

What led you to pursue coaching? In 2003, I was offered the opportunity to work with an executive coach as part of my development as an HR leader at Medtronic. This was a six-month process that included 360 interviews, assessments and coaching with an outstanding external executive coach. It was the best development experience I ever had and helped me to amplify my strengths and address some development needs that enabled my career growth. In 2013, Medtronic decided to bring executive coaching in-house and looked for leaders who would be willing to be trained as coaches in addition to doing their normal duties. I volunteered to be one of the coaches as I wanted to serve others in the same way that I had been served. I became part of Medtronic’s inaugural Coaching Cadre, which was based upon the process developed by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). The training program required cadre members to coach high potential, emerging leaders within Medtronic from around the globe. I’ve been coaching since then and decided to step into coaching by retiring from Medtronic and starting my own coaching practice, Oppnå® Executive & Achievement Coaching in January 2017.

What is your favorite part of coaching? I get energy from helping people achieve their professional, team, organizational, career and personal goals. My favorite part of coaching is when I see people and organizations step into their potential and achieve their goals.

What made you decide to join the ICF MN board? I started Oppnå® Coaching just as I became ICF certified and wanted to get more involved in the local coaching community. I felt the best way to do this was to volunteer to become an ICF Minnesota board member, so I met with some of the leadership team, expressed my interest and started to attend meetings. I’ve been an active board member since 2018.

What do you get out of being on the board? I enjoy learning from other board members and bringing my experience and background for the benefit of ICF Minnesota. It’s been fun contributing to items such as shaping the value proposition for ICF Minnesota, co-leading an executive and organizational mastermind group with Judy Zimmer, also on the board, plus Stacey Larsen, Ed.D., and Jeff Staggs of St. Thomas, and sponsoring coaching related conferences or events.

What’s your unique contribution to the coaching field? My talents, experience and focus have been in large businesses, functions and groups as an HR leader, business partner and executive coach. My coaching practice specializes in executive, organizational and career coaching. I experienced first-hand the power and potential of coaching in 2003 when I was paired with an executive coach. I’ve worked as an internal coach and now as an external coach, so I bring a wide spectrum of experience and perspectives that can benefit coaching clients in a leadership, team, organizational alignment or career coaching engagement.

I understand you recently published a book on coaching. Tell me about your book and who it will help. Accelerating Leadership was published June 7. I co-authored the book with Eric T. Hicks, Ph.D. In it, we explain how to integrate executive coaching into an organization and how to build executive coaching that works as a catalyst for an organization's leadership development efforts. The book is a guide for organizations that want to help their leaders develop faster, go farther, and achieve better results. Readers will learn how:

• To build stakeholder agreement - Accelerating Leadership provides a strong framework for understanding how HR, executive sponsors, coaches and clients can work together for coaching success.

• Coaching creates results - Offering executive coaching as a follow-up to almost any learning experience has been proven to create better results. Accelerating Leadership provides real life examples of how to integrate coaching as a true accelerator.

• To improve return on learning investment - external vs. internal coaches? Which is best? How should new coaches be trained? What are the ethical considerations? Accelerating Leadership answers these questions and more.

More information on the book can be found at:

Any words of wisdom for coaches starting out? Believe in yourself and in your vision of how to bring your coaching expertise into the world to serve others. New coaches get inundated with more opportunities to get additional learning, training and certifications and at times they feel that they need more certifications and training to be validated as ready. If you hold an ICF accreditation, you are capable and ready now. Go forth and coach with confidence while continuing to learn, grow and take advantage of the programs, webinars and networking opportunities that ICF and ICF Minnesota provide to help you on your coaching journey.

What brings you joy in life? First and foremost, family. On July 14, my wife, Carol, and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. We have three adult sons—Ryan, Jason and Andrew who have all graduated from the colleges they chose, live independently in Las Vegas, LA and Minneapolis, respectively, and are pursuing their own dreams. I also get joy out of living my purpose of helping people and organizations achieve success. These two items, and living in a world of so much opportunity, bring me great joy.

Chapter News







Please consider membership with ICF Minnesota!

We are stronger together than we are apart!
~Walter Payton


Please take the Global Coaching Survey and encourage your chapter members to do so too!

2019 Global Coaching Survey: We’re Counting on You! Help ICF and our research partners at PwC make the 2019 Global Coaching Survey the largest study of the coaching industry to date. Take the survey today, and encourage the coaches in your ICF Chapter to do the same. Don’t forget: If your ICF Chapter is located in a locale that achieves 100 or more completed surveys, you’ll gain access to locally specific research data when the study is published next year. Learn More


Do you remember prepping for you ICF credentials? Did you have a ton of questions and weren’t being able to decipher the ICF Global website? What if ICF MN would have had a credentialed coach to talk you through some of your fears? We have members with those same issues who want to get their credentials and would love a coach to help them navigate the credentialing waters.

If this sounds like you, we have an opportunity for you. If you have received your ACC, PCC and/or MCC and would be willing to mentor a member or 2 please call or email Trish Perry at or 612-805-0997. We would like to list your name and email address on a new credentialing help page on our ICF MN website. Thanks in advance.


Members can keep their profiles up-to-date by logging into on the ICF Minnesota Website at . Once there, go to the member login button on the right-hand side of the screen. Once logged in, you may update your profile, including contact information. All ICF's mailing information is pulled from your member profile. Let us know if you have any questions.

We have a Board Position open and would welcome new members. This volunteer opportunity could be perfect for you! Join us and help us to grow ICF MN in being the premier organization for advancing the coaching profession! For a full job description, please contact Trish Perry at

Event Coordinator: 2 year position 2019-2020

Do you have a special gift for event planning and coordination and want to get more involved with ICF Minnesota? This position includes communicating and coordinating with board members in all areas of planning and execution of chapter events.

If you are interested, please reach out to for more information.

Your 2019 board:

Trish Perry: President, Deb Johnson: President Elect, Shari Fruechte: Past President, Cheryl Hegland: Treasurer, Ann Houser: Secretary, Lance Hazzard: Outreach Chair, Judy Zimmer: Outreach Co-Chair, Mary Kay Delvo: Professional Development Chair, Sara Krisher: Professional Development Co-Chair, Polly Edwards: Membership Chair, Jodi Dehli: Membership Co-Chair, Danielle Allen: Web Support Chair, Ellen Carlson: Web Support Co-Chair, Michon Willman: Communications Chair, Theresa Nutt: Communications Co-Chair, Jennifer Byrnes: Sponsorship Co-Chair : Shawn Moore, Professional Development Co- Chair

Global News
Did you know?

Coaching World Digest

Here are a few of the exciting articles now trending in Coaching World:

  • A Week-long Celebration: International Coaching Week in Nigeria
  • Writing Bylines for Target Media
  • Igniting Social Change through Data
  • Shifting through the Seven Gears of a Coaching Conversation


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