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Jason Jones ICF-MN fills my bucket!! I look forward to the in person meetings to connect with my tribe of coaches and enjoy the way of being only coaches embody. It energizes me.
Bev Lutz ICF membership provides incredible professional networking opportunities, professional and personal growth, and opportunities to explore my strengths as I volunteer in service of my profession.  My chapter really helps me stay current with coaching, thought leadership, and learn-n-earn (CEU’s) from professional development events.  But it’s the supportive coach-friends and collaborators who have made membership for me priceless. //

Irene Kelly

Being a member of ICF offers me the opportunity for certification by the industry professional standard bearer; being a member of ICF Minnesota connects me to my professional peers for networking and collaboration.  Membership in both establishes me as “credible” and provides me opportunities to learn and grow.


Mary Kay Delvo  

Being a member of ICF-Minnesota helps me continue to bring my 'best self' to my clients.

Trish Perry ICF-MN gives me a place to authentically connect and share with other coaches. I have created long lasting friendships, collaborations and mentorships that have profoundly enriched my life and my business. //
Ann Marie Forshay ICF MN has provided me with crucial connections to other entrepreneurs and colleagues who share similar goals and challenges in their businesses. It's a welcoming place full of great ideas that have moved me forward both professionally and personally. //
Sara Krisher ICF Minnesota is the place to be if you're a coach or you're interested in the coaching profession. We come together to connect, grow and give because we are stronger together than we are apart. //
Lance Hazzard I chose to get involved with the ICF Minnesota Chapter to be part of a community of coaches who help our clients grow and achieve their goals. This organization brings great content to our coaching community and enables opportunities to learn and collaborate in multiple ways. //

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Date: 2/1/2021
Subject: Feb Catalyst 2021
From: ICF Minnesota

February 2021

Blk & Blue 2021 ICF logo

Be the premier organization for advancing the coaching profession.


To cultivate a multi-cultural community of coaches that advances the coaching profession through professional development, networking and adherence to ICF professional and ethical standards

Presidents Letter

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Currently, I am on vacation and it is a welcome break from the routine. Each morning a few members of our group take a ninety-minute walk. I am the slowest walker and do everything in my power to not slow the group down. I often start out 5 minutes earlier, keep walking when they stop to look at something, and even started using hiking poles to support my intention. My companions always keep me in view by putting me in the front of the group, talking with me while I walk, and waiting for me to catch up. They do not seem concerned about me slowing them down. I treasure their support. It has been a gift to be accepted “as is” and encouraged to move ahead.

After the walk, the group


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ICF Minnesota would like to invite you to our
Brand Consistency is a Foundation - Virtual Speaker Event

Register Here!

DATE: Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

TIME: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


CEU’S: 2 Resource Development

Brand consistency is the foundation for building a powerful brand experience that creates those raving fans. Building a consistent brand starts with getting clear on your brand story: who you serve, why you do the work, what your unique offer is and how you want people to feel when they encounter your brand. Together, these four foundational brand strategy elements help you create a consistent and cohesive brand experience for your community.

This interactive workshop will walk you through clarifying questions to help you gain a better understanding of your unique brand story, how your brand is currently showing up and what next steps you can take to create that consistent brand experience.

Participants will:

● Gain clarity on your brand’s foundational story

● Know the steps for performing a brand audit

● Understand how to create a consistent brand experience

ICF MN Members who have paid the annual fee: Free
ICF Global & MN Members (who have not paid annual fee) and non-members: $25.00

We look forward to seeing you there Virtually!!

Chapter News

Welcome aboard pic
January 2021 - New Members!
Hilary Patzer
James Willenbring
Jesscia Guerro
Katie Selby
Lindsay Heiserman

New Diversity and Inclusion Book Club Session 

Good News! We are going to continue our Diversity and Inclusion book club. The book club will be meeting on the second Tuesday of the month from 6:00-8:00 PM from March through August. If we have enough participants, we will send out a Doodle Poll for the best additional day/time to add a new group. The book we will be reading is “Caste, The Origins of Our Descent”, by Isabel Wilkerson.
“Magnificent, a trailblazing work on the birth of inequality . . . Caste offers a forward-facing vision. Bursting with insight and love, this book may well help save us.”—O: The Oprah Magazine 
The facilitation will be done by a different participant from the group each month.
Please respond to if interested.

Meet the Coach
Meet the Coach Video - Marnie

Meet Marnie Hausauer 

1. What brought you to coaching?

Leadership coaching—as a client—changed my life. When strained work relationships and a sense of isolation were really challenging who I thought I was as a professional and as a person, coaching helped me make a radical shift in how I understand myself, engage other people, and make sense of the world. I found a new sense of freedom and of tremendous possibility.
So, 20 years into my Federal Government career, I became a coach, because I want to help other people discover that same freedom and greater possibility. It’s why I coach, why I lead experiential learning workshops, and why I teach and share the practice of mindfulness. I want to help people create new ways to work and to live—new ways to show up in the world. Because when you change that, you change everything.

2. Tell us about your coaching practice. (Niche, ideal client, etc.)

My personal transformation ignited a passion for the theory of vertical development, which says that as long as you live, you have the chance to get much better at coping—even thriving—in the middle of complexity and uncertainty and change and difference (aka global pandemics and widespread protests and deep political divides). It’s like you can upgrade the operating system of your mind and heart. Read more...

Coaching Resources

“Did You Know”

 Coaching World Digest

Here are a few of the exciting articles now trending in Coaching World:

Coaching World is a dynamic online resource for the coaching community.

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